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Silvo Gehakt with Onion Spice Mix - 40gr.

Silvo Gehakt with Onion Spice Mix - 40gr.


Since 1833 Silvo brings you passion and expertise in this familiar mix for minced meat with the soft taste of onion.

Ingredients Bread crumbs (contains wheat) spices 10.5% (dried onion 6%, garlic powder, white pepper) aroma (contains barley, wheat) flavor enhancer: mono sodium glutamate salt 7% glucosestoop palm oil herbs (parsley, chives) anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide Total content of herbs and spices: 11.3%.

Preparation method: * Knead the mixture and an egg through 500 g minced meat. * Roll into meatballs. * Heat butter or baking product in a pan and fry the meatballs around brown until cooked.
Tip: Delicious with a mixed salad and baked potatoes with Silvo rosemary.