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Hak Red Beets - 705gr

Hak Red Beets - 705gr


Red Beets are delicious and versatile vegetables. Serve with a piece of meat and potatoes, or as a delicious base for a salad or soup. The Red Beets are made according to an ancient Dutch recipe and are cut into discs or in sticks.

Ingredients: Red beets, water, herbal vinegar, sugar, modified starch, salt. These products do not contain allergens. This product is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Nutritional value per 100g: Energy: 40 kcal / 170 kJ Protein: 0.5g Fat: 0.1g of which saturated 0.0g Carbohydrates: 8,6g of which sugars 7.6g Nutritional fiber: 1.5g Salt: 0.50g