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Koopman's Poffertjes Mix - 400gr.

Koopman's Poffertjes Mix - 400gr.


Ingredients Wheat flour Buckwheat flour Driving agents (E575, E501) salt May contain traces of egg, milk, and lupine.


1 pack Koopmans Poffertjes Mix
800mL Milk
2 eggs
3 Teaspoons oil

Preparation method

1. Place the mix in a mixing bowl and add 800 ml of milk. 2. Stir with a whisk or mixer until smooth. 3. Stir the 2 eggs and 3 tablespoons of oil into the batter. 4. Let the pancake pan warm and grease the pan with oil or butter. 5. Pour the batter into the holes with a dosing bottle or spoon. 6. Bake the poffertjes on the bottom brown. 7. Before the batter has fully set, turn the poffertjes with a fork or skewer and brown the poffertjes on the other side. 8. Serve the poffertjes with butter and powdered sugar.

Tips & Variations • You can keep the baked poffertjes warm between two plates that are placed on a pan with boiling water. You can also heat them on a plate in the oven (approx. 50 ° C) or in the microwave. • You can fill the poffertjes with, for example, jam, raisins, grated apple, banana, herb cream cheese or grated aged cheese. To do this, pour a little batter into the holes in the pan. Place a teaspoon of filling on top and cover the filling again with a layer of batter.