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Koopman's Oma's Pancake Mix w/Cinnamon - 400gr.

Koopman's Oma's Pancake Mix w/Cinnamon - 400gr.


The origins of Koopmans can clearly be tasted in Grandma's Pancakes. Deliciously scented pancakes with buckwheat and a hint of cinnamon. Old fashioned tasty ... and you can taste it. A traditional Dutch recipe to enjoy cozy at home.

Ingredients: Multigrain 97% (wheat flour, buckwheat flour, oat flour, barley flour, rye flour), salt, leavening agent (diphosphates, sodium carbonate).

Add yourself: 800 ml of milk and 2 eggs Necessities • 1 pack Koopmans Grandma's Pancakes • 800 ml of milk • 2 eggs • Butter or oil Kitchenware Mixer or whisk
Preparation time Approx. 30 minutes 
Direction: 1. Put the mix in a mixing bowl and add half of the milk (400 ml). 2. Stir with a mixer or whisk until smooth. 3. Add the rest of the milk and eggs while stirring. 4. Let the frying pan get hot and heat a knob of butter or a dash of oil in the frying pan. 5. Pour some batter into the pan, drain over the bottom and fry the pancakes until golden brown on both sides.
Tips & variations • The batter allows you to mix, for example, soaked raisins, grated apple, and / or vanilla sugar. • For apple-cinnamon pancakes: pour batter into the pan; press 6 slices of fresh and sour apple into the batter per pancake, then scoop a little batter over the apple slices.