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Jumbo Boerencake Mix - 400gr.

Jumbo Boerencake Mix - 400gr.


Ingredients Sugar wheat flour wheat starch raising agents: E450 and E500 aroma salt Allergens: wheat (gluten).

Preparation method Package contents 1 mix for farmer's cake Need extra 4 eggs (medium) 200 grams of butter or margarine cake mold (28 cm)
Preheat the oven and make the batter in the meantime Electric: 160 ° C Gas: setting 2-3 Hot air: 145 ° C Preparation: put the butter in a mixing bowl and stir with the mixer at medium speed until creamy. Then add the mix for Farmer's Cake and the eggs and beat the whole in 4 minutes at a high speed to an airy batter. Now fill a greased cake tin with the batter.
Baking: place the peasant cake in the middle of your preheated oven and fry in 55-65 minutes. Allow the cake to cool on a grid. Tip: the cake is cooked when you poke with a skewer in the middle of the cake and it comes out clean.

Fill tip: Tasty with pecans, raisins, apple & cinnamon.