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Koopman's Creamy Apple Tart Mix - 390g

Koopman's Creamy Apple Tart Mix - 390g


With Koopmans mix for creamy apple pie you can easily make a delicious treat with a crunchy bottom and a wonderfully creamy filling of pastry cream. Top your cake with apples (rhubarb, red fruit, pear or whipped cream are also possible) and pure indulgence is ready for you.

- A crispy base with a delicious creamy filling
- With approximately 12 pie slices, ideal for visitors
- Easy to vary by replacing the apples
- Also very tasty as a dessert


  • Baking mix (310 g): wheat flour , sugar, raising agents (E450, E500), salt.
  • Mix for Pastry Cream (80 g): sugar, potato starch, dried glucose syrup, gelling agent (sodium alginate), acidity regulators (E516, E450, E339), dextrose, wheat starch , salt, vanilla flavouring, coloring (beta-carotene).