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Fruitella Drop/Fruit Candies Less Sugar - 120g.

Fruittella Drop/Fruit Candies Less Sugar - 120g.


The famous square Fruittella candy in the summer flavors strawberry, orange and lemon in a delicious combination with licorice. In handy resealable pouch. • 30% less sugar, 100% Fruittella. • With natural colors & flavors. • Small size ideal for on the go or for sharing. • Three fruit flavors for extra variety.

Ingredients Glucose syrup sugar inulin humectants (sorbitol, glycerol) fully hardened coconut fat fruit juices (orange, strawberry, lemon) (3%) gelatin starch licorice root extract food acid (citric acid) maltodextrin natural aromas salmiak salt concentrates (carrot, black carrot, elderberry) dye (vegetable carbon) gelling agent (gum arabic) emulsifier (sucrose esters of fatty acids) dextrin