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Taksi Exotic Fruit Drink - 1.5L

Taksi Exotic Fruit Drink - 1.5L


Drink based on fruit juice and dairy with added vitamin C, no added sugar. 

Taksi Exotic Fruit is a delicious mix of juice from mango, passion fruit, peach and apple. A taste explosion with dairy and rich in vitamin C. This Taksi only contains naturally occurring sugars from fruit and dairy. No sugar has been added.


  • Water
  • liquid milk solids (milk permeate) 40%
  • fruit juice from concentrate 6% (apple, peach 0.8%, mango 0.3%, passion fruit 0.3%)
  • cream (with a fat content of 35%) <0.1%
  • stabilizer (pectin)
  • food acid (citric acid)
  • aromas
  • dye (beta-carotene)
  • sweetener (sucralose)
  • vitamin C


Allergen: Milk