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Koopman's Oliebollen Mix - 500gr.

Koopman's Oliebollen Mix - 500gr.


Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Sugar, Whey Powder (Milk Component), Modified Potato Starch, Satl, Dried Baking Yeast.


Add yourself: Water and possibly 250 g raisins and / or currants
For 20-25 oliebollen

Necessities • 1 pack of Koopmans Oliebollenmix • 500 ml lukewarm water • possibly 250 g raisins and / or currants • Sunflower oil for baking Do not use frying fat, this will prevent a white layer of fat on cooled oliebollen.
Kitchenware • Deep fryer or deep pan • Mixer with dough hooks or ladle • Oliebollen tongs / ice tongs or 2 tablespoons • Skimmer
Preparation time approx. 30 minutes (excluding rising time)

1. When using raisins and / or currants, put them in lukewarm water (approx. 15 minutes) and pat dry.
2. Put the mix in the mixing bowl and add the water. Use a maximum of 3 packs at the same time.
3. Stir everything with a ladle or mixer with dough hooks to a smooth batter.
4. Stir the raisins and / or currants into the batter with a ladle.
5. In a bowl, covered with plastic, let the batter rise at room temperature for about 45 minutes (the rising time remains the same for several packs of oliebollen mix). Make sure that the batter is draft-free during rising. Do not stir the batter while it is rising.
6. Heat the oil in a deep fryer to approximately 190 ° C. 7. Shape with donut ball tongs / ice tongs or with 2 tablespoons of balls of batter.
8. Slide the batter balls into the hot oil and immerse them briefly.
9. Fry the oliebollen for 3-4 minutes until done and golden brown on all sides.
10. Remove the oliebollen from the oil with a slotted spoon and let the oliebollen drain in a colander or on kitchen paper.
11. Serve the donuts with icing sugar.

Tips & Variations • Replace 150 ml of water with beer of your choice at room temperature. • Replace some of the raisins and currants with a shredded apple.