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DeRuijter Mini Assorted Hail (8pk) - 140gr.

DeRuijter Mini Assorted Hail (8pk) - 140gr.


Can you never choose what to put on your bread? That is no longer necessary with DeRuijter Kleintjes Sprinkleable! The various types of spreads (sprinkles and flakes) from DeRuijter ensure a unique experience on every sandwich.

Ingredients: Sugars (dextrose, sugar), Wheat starch, Skimmed cocoa powder, Cocoa butter, Apple juice (5%), Skimmed milk powder, Soy lecithin, Natural aroma, Milk fat, Safflower extract, Dyes (beta-carotene, carmine), Lactose

Contains Lactose, Milk, Wheat, and Soy